Covid-19 pandemic crisis has becoming a major worldwide economic crisis. Researchers
and practitioners are now questioning the new world overwhelming their fields of research
and industry practices. With a historical low rates levels in the western economies, an
exponential unemployment, a negative price for oil barrel and a growing number of
companies defaults in key industries, finance -as a disciplinary field- is pushed at its further
burdens. Transformation of the whole banking and insurance industry is getting accelerated
by the double effect of this unexpected crisis and the growing competition of FinTechs and
BigTechs. Central Banks are also in a crossroad: is there a space to classical monetary
policy when even money creation is challenged by cryptocurrencies?
2 nd ISFBI-International Symposium for Finance, Banking and Insurance is also an
opportunity to open doors to new challenging fields insufficiently covered by top financial
journals and conferences like technological innovations and smart applications in financial
Economics, various alternative business models in finance, Digitalization, and the increasing
co-influence between finance, accounting and risk management. The last ambition behind
ISFBI is to fill the gap between finance -as a core discipline- and other related expertise
especially banking and insurance. These two last fields developed their own ecosystem of
competencies and know-how and are not sufficiently integrated in the core finance journals
and conferences.

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